Saturday, November 20, 2010

Days 6-13 of the challenge

Whew! It has been a week for me! I'm both sad and happy it is over. I've run the gamut of emotions, and I'm looking forward to some stability. Not to mention that Thanksgiving is coming up fast! I've got plenty to be thankful for, but I haven't quite caught the holiday cheer. Here's hoping this short week at work will help me along. And if not, I'll get the holiday "spirit" via Pumpkin Pie Martini's at my aunt's house. (if you know what I mean...and I think you do.)

Now, onto the outfits!

Day 6: Anthro blouse, Gap skinnies, Steve Madden boots.
Where: A baby shower. Like the hundredth it seems within the past few months. (or third whatevs). This was husband saying "Show me happy to go to a baby shower!" I think my sarcasm is obvious.
Day 7: Gap top, Gap skinnies, Nine West flats, Coach Tote, DKNY sunnies
Where: Road trip with the husband, errands.
Day 8: Anthro sweater, Express lace trim cami, Gap skinnies, Steve Madden Flats, petal & pink bracelet
Where: Work. We were moving files from one cabinet to another. I work in HR, there's a lot of files. We all dressed casual Monday for this.

Thoughts on these days: My hair looked way better in person on Day 6. Looking at it in the picture though, you'd never know! I also swear I washed the skinny jeans Sunday night (Day 7). I live in my skinny jeans, and I actually own 2 pairs of them. I considered just switching to the clean pair, but felt it might be cheating. lol. I love the sweater in Day 8. It's comfortable and the colors are fun. I don't know if it's the angle of the picture or not, but seeing it in a picture, I question the proportion of the print though. I guess we'll see what else happens during this challenge and that sweater.

Day 9: Anthro top, Gap Modern Boot pants in grey, Nine West pumps, petal & pink bracelet
Where: Work. It wasn't too much of an eventful day, honestly.
Day 10: J.Crew Jackie Cardigan, Express Editor pants, Target Mary Janes, DIY bracelet via Beadin' Path
Where: Work. Running a few errands after work.
Day 11: Gap sweater, Express lace trim cami, Ann Taylor Loft pencil skirt, Target Mary Janes
Where: Work, Training session, drinks with husband.

Thoughts: Day 9, I was inspired by another piece of jewelry I've made. I don't know why I never think of mixing jewel tones with my dark grey pants. It was a really warm day, and I enjoyed not having to wear a cardigan or jacket at work. Day 10, I really wanted to wear my coral toned layered bracelet, and love the combination with a silver-grey shade. Day 11, I'm not sure of the proportions of the outfit, but my calves look diesel! Thank-you, Body Pump!

Day 12: Gap Cardigan, Express lace trim cami, Gap Forever Straight jeans, Nine West pumps, petal & pink earrings
Where: Work. Casual Friday. Not feeling color. It happens
Day 13: J.Crew Jackie Cardigan, Express lace trim cami, Gap Forever Straight jeans, Nine West flats, T&Co bangle.
Where: Errands, errands, and a few more errands.

Thoughts: I purposely wanted to post these two pictures together. It's the same pair of jeans, but the hem is different lengths. I've found an amazing trick to hemming long jeans to make them flat-appropriate. You even get to still see the original hem on the jean so it looks really natural. I've also been slowly working on mixing prints. The leopard print with the print on the bangle were big for me. The bangles print is subtle, but the shape/design of the print actually compliment each other nicely.

Overall 30 for 30 thoughts: So far, so good. I really feel like I need to start kicking it into gear with the accessories. Scarves, belts, etc. I've got them all. I don't know why I'm so lazy with them lately. 

Coming up: I still need to do the DIY on the jewelry holder, and I want to also show you how I do the hem on my pants, so that will be coming up too. And I'm preeety sure that there's a giveaway this week since my twitter is at 1,000 followers!! I'm just waiting to maintain that number for a few days since twitter counts can vary often!


Ashley said...

You look so lovely in all of your outfits! I think #6 is my very cute!

I've never heard of pumpkin martinis, but, boy, do they sound good! Perfect way to get in a festive holiday mood!!

Linda W said...

You look like you are rocking this challenge! I love your brown boots!
The Auspicious Life

Betsy said...

Great mix of color despite your 'restrictions' with the challenge!

Jessica said...

So what is this elusive hem trick, please?

Erin said...

Ashley, I purposely picked those items in outfit #6 for this challenge because it's one of my favorite outfits.

Hey Jessica! Coming up soon, promise! I'm hoping to get it up on Weds!

Jessica Jenkins said...

Hey! Thanks so much for your comment, I love your blog! I will for SURE be coming back for those tutorials and I'm off to follow you on Twitter right now!

MelissaNibbles said...

I love #6! They all look fabulous. You're quite the fashionista!