Monday, February 13, 2012

Red Carpet Recap: Grammys

Last night was the 54th Grammy awards, and with the news of Whitney Houston's sudden passing, this years awards took on a more in memoriam feel. There were some great performances throughout the night, the ones that stood out were Bruno Mars, Adele's amazing return, the Beach Boys with Foster the people, and of course, Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney. I had joked about how the Grammy's could have a Whitney Houston drinking game (drink at every mention), but I would like to add that despite the appearance of some of my tweets, I was not participating. (On that note, does anyone else have an incredible that changes words to the plural or select a word that you in fact, did not select? It is so annoying!) It was touching to see how the artists influenced by Whitney's talent paid tribute to her.

Anyway, on to the Red Carpet. A lot of my hits and misses are people who I had no idea who they were.


Sera, Tamara Braun, Jessie J
I have no idea who this Sera is, but her top knot bun, gorgeous soft blue pleated dress and punch of color belt, had me loving whoever it is she may be. Next, Tamara Braun, I hadn't heard of her either, but I guess she's a Soap Opera actress, I loved her dress, too. The color was fantastic. And Jessie J, I loved J.Lo last year in her  Pucci disco ball mini, and this Julien MacDonald is just as gorgeous.

Kate Beckinsale, Kelly Rowland
Kate Beckinsale's Zuhair Murad dress was so flattering on her, I love beige-y nudes and black together, and this was just such a great pick for her. Similarly, Kelly Rowland's Alberta Ferretti was stunning, but I also loved how her hair, makeup, and accessories complimented everything so well. And lets talk about those arms, with arms like that, you need to be wearing a dress that shows them off!

And my pick for best dressed:

Let's face it, this was Adele's year.This sparkling dress is perfect for her, and I loved the red lip. I didn't care much for the dress she sang in, but the nude lip there was to die for. And really, suck it, Lagerfeld for your comments. I love me some Chanel, but you went too far.


Bonnie McKee, Fergie, Rhianna

 Okay, for starters, I had never heard of Bonnie McKee. No clue who she was, whatsoever. Apparently, she sings. And from my Google search, she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel back in like 2009. A lot of help that gave her. Next, we have Fergie, in her Jean Paul Gaultier Couture. I believe I tweeted "Oh" and that's still what I think. Sure Tangerine Tango is Pantone's color of the year, but no. And Rhianna. I have to admit, the dress, and the shoes and clutch I love. It's the hair that absolutely kills it.


All I have to say is that this whole "flatform" trend needs to go. Frankenstein-esque feet do nothing for the figure. Not to mention the FUPA of that high waisted mini-mullet-like-skirt.

Lastly, remember back when Gaga tweeted a tease about her modeling in Thierry Mugler's fashion show last Spring? She was unveiling one of her new songs while she walked the catwalk? No? Well she said this (again, Google saves, you can find anything. I'd like to thank whoever it was that took this screenshot).

I'd like to think that maybe it wasn't the Mugler show she was teasing. It was this.

Sasha Grandiva
 Because I'm pretty sure that's what Gaga gave birth to. Congrats, Gaga, it's a girl! I will give both Bonnie and Sasha credit, we may not have known who they were before last night, but we all do now!

Lastly, I decided I would do a best/worst dressed men's pick because let me tell you, I was pretty much obsessed with this look:

David Guetta
 I want that jacket! For serious, I spy a DIY here.

And then there's this, it breaks my heart.

Val Kilmer, believe it or not

Remember when he was hot?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring Collection

Just a peek at what is coming this week as the start of my Spring collection. Next week will include even more, but I don't want to give away all the looks at once!

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