Friday, January 8, 2010

Holy Cats! A blog post!

And Happy New Year to you!

I was recently searching for a new day-to-day winter coat. My old J Crew one has finally seen its day. Call me silly, but I don't actually like spending a lot of money on winter coats. I hate winter, I hate all things winter...snow, cold, static (I'm a walking spark), dry EVERYTHING. Ugh. So I get less than enthusiastic about spending my money on all things winter.

My criteria was as follows:
1. Under $100
2. Cute
3. Something that will still be acceptable next winter (and hopefully even more than that)

I had it narrowed down to 3 contestants:

Calvin Klein Zip Front Melton Jacket (88.90 Nordstrom)

This coat was under $100, and a GREAT steal at 50% off. However, the white struck me more than the black did, and as a day-to-day jacket, I feared the crispness of the color. It also has a classic style that would last many winters to come with its trench coat-meets-pea coat vibe. However, this wasn't screaming me. It just...lacked.

ModCloth Scotland Yard Coat ($67.99)

This was really cute, and also well under my price point. I'm a sucker for plaid, and the belted waist leads to a super feminine silhouette. My main concern with this...the plaid. I feel like it's such on trend right now that even as something classic, it will look off when plaid calms down (and I'm assuming it will, we can't all walk around looking like Seattle grunge rockers from the 90's fun as it may be)...but still, this coat made it to the final two.

ModCloth Your Royal Purple Highness Coat ($77.99)

I immediately fell in love with the retro styled collar on this coat. It's! The double breasted button front was really sharp, and it is a classic look that will forever be with us. The way it nips in the back (see additional photos on ModCloth) so feminine! Then...I saw it. The it that sold me....what's that I see? Is it a...ruffle?! *Squeal* I was sold. I had to have this. The little ruffle detail on the hem of the sleeves? I can't pass that up! I am slightly concerned with the reviews about this appears that the color might appear to be more technicolor McDonalds Grimmace purple and not the smooth deep plum purple it appears in pictures. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Be sure to expect a review when it arrives!
Also...this may have also fallen into my cart before purchasing. I love the colors in this scarf!

It's a Crewel, Crewel Scarf ($15.99)

I'm very excited about my first purchase from Modcloth. I've been admiring them for some time now, they've got some great pieces. It's a happy blend of Anthropologie meets Urban Outfitters with their own creative aesthetic.

Until they arrive, I'm hoping to just stay warm inside. Who knows, maybe this new coat will make me want to go out and rock the coat all the time! (although I find this highly unlikely...)