Monday, November 9, 2009


(and thus ends my Entourage moment)

But, if you remember back here I posted about NEEDING a particular cardigan from Anthropologie:

Well let me tell you a funny little story about this cardigan. Shortly after creating that post, I wandered around the city on my lunch break...not too out of the ordinary for me when the weather is nice--however, this day I was feeling gross, and bloated, my hair was doing whatever-the-hell-it-wanted despite my best efforts, and I was just feeling down and out. So I took a break to walk and clear my head. I stopped by Starbucks, got an iced drink of some sorts (this was a while ago and my memory isn't the best with the wee little details, but the drink is enough detail for where this story goes). Anyway, I'm wandering around, just trying to enjoy the weather, get my vitamin D for the day and perk up...and I all of a sudden realize that I was near Anthropologie. Retail therapy will cheer me up!

Or so I thought....I rushed in through the doors--a girl on a mission. I grabbed this lovely cardigan and made a dash for the fitting room, fat day and all, I mean I wasn't trying to squeeze into pants. While trying to hunt down someone to let me in a room (why are they never there when I need one?!) it hit me--mybladder was full. So now, I'm a disaster wind blown, messy hair, fat day, bloated gross, omg is that a pimple coming through?!, already down-in-the-dumps girl trying on a cardigan for weather it is not yet appropriate for, and oh yeah, it's my lunch hour and I will have to wander back to work shortly, waiting to try on one. little. cardigan. STRESS!!!!

I get into the fitting room and pull the cardigan on and....


I HATED IT! Couldn't take it off fast enough. It was unflattering, and made my gut look big(ger at the moment) and man there was something just off (no, it couldn't possibly be my self defeating attitude at that moment).

Discouraged, I left Anthro with nothing but a full bladder and rushed back to work.

So, this past weekend when I figured it was time to put away the flip flops, strappy sandals and open toe anything and purchase those sweaters I needed. It was off to the mall for me!

I was in a much better frame of mind. I knew what I needed and I was a girl on a mission! I went into Anthro and knew exactly what I was looking for...and no, it was NOT the Frilled and Thrilled cardigan.

But wouldn't you know...we crossed paths again! There was 3 hanging on a sales rack, I looked and wouldn't you know, there was ONE in my size! This is a sign for me. I'm a stalker shopper and when something I want is in my size and on sale it NEEDS to come home with me. But, I remembered our previous nightmare of an encounter. However, I remembered my down-and-out day, and figured trying it on in a better state of mind couldn't hurt me...


I didn't try on the one in the colors pictured, but rather its bordeaux/chartreuse partner, it's a lovely combination and I'm glad to have found it, and this time it did come home with me.

Let this be a lesson (to me, but feel free to listen, too) that shopping with a negative mindset can have a negative impact on my wardrobe!