Thursday, August 13, 2009

I don't want you. I NEED you!

Hello, lover.
So, I know I need a lot of things but this Frilled and Thrilled cardigan from Anthropologie is on the top of my must have list for the fall. I'm a big fan of everything uber girly, and ruffles are certainly that! I must admit, I have visions of walking around wearing this, a lacy cami (probably one of the few dozen I own from American Eagle) with jeans and my oh deer! sequin flats. Oh the times we'd all have together...(yes, dear reader, I refer to my clothing, and especially my shoes as if they were living, walking creatures...they have soles you know! ha! Bad play on words? Yeah, I thought so too. Sorry about that.)

Anyway, when I really get into my fall shopping I will let you know when this is mine (oh yes, it will be mine...) with a full review. Don't expect it soon though. Fall shopping means that I'm admitting to the end of the summer, and since it's started so late here in Boston I will most likely refuse to admit fall until late October, and who knows maybe by then this beauty will be on sale.

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