Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pink. It's not even a question.

I am SO overly excited, about this years Pantone color of the year for 2011. Ridiculously excited.

Pantone Color of 2011, Honeysuckle
For anyone who knows me, you know I'm a HUGE fan of pink. Bright, cheery pinks; subdued, pastel powdery pinks, and sometimes even bright, almost neon pinks. I live for pink. If I can get something in pink, you better believe I'm doing it. (Even my favorite band ever, sings a song about my favorite color ever)
Pantone today, released it's color of the year, Honeysuckle, and I am beyond thrilled. From the Pantone site, they describe the color as: Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world.

And today, it just goes with our fashion. (Yes, I am listening to that song while I type this..."inspiration" is what I'm calling it, but really, it's just an opportunity to play a less played CD by my boyfriend, Steven.)

 I have a huge collection of pink beads in shades similar to this. I have more pink beads than I've been able to use in this shade. You better believe I'm taking advantage.

You see, it's not quite so new to me. I have been using this color for some time now, and I would like to show you the petal & pink contributions (from 2009 and 2010 mind you) supporting this "brave new color":

L-R clockwise: Pink Flourish, Bauble in pink, Berry mini baubles, Preppy bracelet
As you can see, I'm prepared, and you can expect to see plenty more of this shade in my shop for the time being. I love working with bright cheery pinks, and even when Pantone announces its next new color of the year, this color will still be with me. I may no longer be a little girl in pigtails with pink everything, but that girl has grown up, and continued with the color and made it mature with her.

Pink. It's like red but not quite.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

29...and 30!!

DONE!!!! FIN!!!! FINITO!!!! END!!!!!!

First the nitty gritty:

Day 29: Anthro top, Gap Modern Boot pants, Nine West pumps, petal & pink Icicle earrings
Where: Work. Plan and Simple

Day 30: Anthro top, J.Crew Jackie Cardigan, Express Editor pants, Target heels, petal & pink Icicle earrings.
Where: Work and errands.

Thoughts: Honestly, I am so so so so so happy to be done with this challenge. I've taken a lot from it, sure. But really, honestly and truthfully I've missed the diversity of my overflowing closet. Primarily with shoes, secondly with layering pieces. About a week or so into the challenge, I read a blog post from Amber, who said that she couldn't (wouldn't) do a challenge like this limiting her wardrobe because she's a layer-er. Any of my friends who know me, also know that I too, am a layer fiend. Summer, Winter, it doesn't matter, I layer it on. It's primarily why I chose 6 cardigan pieces. To layer. However, even picking 4 "fancy" tank/camis, I just couldn't get into it, and my dressing took a turn towards the simple. Sure, I've got PLENTY of jewelry to pick from, and a fair share of scarves and belts, but looking at my outfits, I really just wasn't feeling it. I stuck to it though, I'm not a quitter, but in the end, I don't think I got what others take away from it. I've really enjoyed this challenge, and I've found a few new twitter friends and blogs to read, but I'm just happy to get back into my closet, my precious shoes, and dress like me again...dripping in layers.

Now if you'll need me, I'll be rolling around in my closet, petting my shoes I've been longing for.

And, if you need something to do, be sure to check out the giveaway over at Amber's Notebook. It's a good one! (including a coupon code!).

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Days 25-28. Almost done!

Alright, lets just get straight to it, shall we? I've got a tree to decorate and soup in the crock pot!

Day 25: Gap cardigan, Gap skinny jeans, Mod Cloth scarf, Naughty Monkey Detective boots.
Where: Work.

Day 26: Express lace trim cami, J.Crew Jackie Cardigan, Gap skinny jeans, Steve Madden flats, petal & pink necklace (coming in January to my shop!)
Where: Work.

Day 27: Gap black tee, Gap Skinny jeans (have I mentioned I live in these and own multiple pairs? Can't say enough great things about them!), Naughty Monkey Detective boots (also love love love these), petal & pink necklace and earrings.
Where: Christmas tree shopping, Shopping for holiday decor, dinner out with husband. Overall a nice Saturday!

Day 28: Express lace trim cami, Gap Cardigan, J.Crew Vintage Matchstick Cords, Nine West flats
Where: Laundry and grocery shopping. (I won't lie, I needed to do laundry so I can wear my skinny jeans again.)

Thoughts: Okay, this challenge has been eye opening. Especially when it comes to my warm weather wardrobe, but I'll get into that on day 30. I can say that I am missing the rest of my clothes and getting really tired of these pieces. I also didn't account for the fact that while it was still 60 degrees when the challenge started, it is now only going to be in the 30's this week, and I don't have much that accounts for chilly temperatures.

Just 2 more days, I will make it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

1,000 follower giveaway winner!!!!

Congrats to Amanda! (@primandpropah on twitter) You won the giveaway!

What I know is that she will be getting the Icicle earrings sent to her, what you should do is check out her blog. Any blog that has crafty meets, badass tanks, meets martini, meets cupcake and includes pink banner is right up my alley! She's got crafty-ness and fashion and a picture with the wall street bull in NYC that is hysterical.

Amanda, please email me at petalandpink {at} gmail {dot} com. (Take that email grabber software thing, I learned that trick from the knot, suckahs.)

For those who didn't win, thank you for entering and I'm sure I'll find another reason later on for another giveaway. I'm sure I'll hit another milestone that I'll want to celebrate. (like 100 etsy sales, only 36 to go!) Although at this rate, I might get 2k twitter followers first!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Days 21-24. What I wore.

This isn't original, but this is clever. I wore TWO outfits yesterday! Which means I'm all caught up from my lazy pajama day after Thanksgiving! This is a big deal to me not because I want to shop (although, boy do I!) but because now my challenge will end on Tuesday, and I am free to wear whatever I want the day of my work Holiday party. Which just seems really refreshing.

How did I wear two outfits you may ask? Well, I went to work like I do most other days, and while at work, my husband emailed me asking me out on a date. A date?! Sure thing! Of course, going out in work clothes is not really my thing, so I came home and changed. I figured it was the perfect chance to put on a new outfit for the challenge and catch up. (I'm missing the rest of my closet at this moment, and this is a big deal to be one more outfit closer to reuniting with certain items). So now, I'm on track to finish on time. Huzzah!

So here are my outfits:

Day 21: Target dress and tights, Nordstrom scarf, Nine West flats
Where: Work.
Thoughts: I really wasn't feeling styling my hair that morning. Hence the poodle on my head.

Day 22a: J.Crew Jackie cardigan, Banana Flower embellished top, Express Editor pants, Target shoes, petal and pink necklace (an old favorite)
Where: Work again my friends. I walked to the PO and the shoes were comfy, they always impress me for Target shoes.
Thoughts: I need to cut back on soup at lunch, the sodium is making me puffy.
Day 22b: Same BR top, Gap Cardigan, Gap Skinnies, Naughty Monkey Detective boots, petal and pink necklace
Where: A super sexy date to Office Depot, Starbucks and Barnes and Noble. Starbucks and BN was supposed to be the date, but I was out of mailing envelopes and Office Depot is across the street.
Thoughts: I was so much more comfortable in this outfit than what I wore all day at work. I also drank my weight in water, so that may have helped.

Day 24: Anthro top, Grey Gap Modern Boot pants, Nine West pumps.
Where: work
Thoughts: Why yes, those are my Steve Madden flats in the picture. You see, while I still wear the "death shoes" I have taken to switching in and out of flats to get to/from my office. I left work and realized. Yup. Shoes are still at my desk. I got to my car and realized "ugh. I forgot the asparagus and buttermilk in the fridge, now I have to go back." (What doesn't everyone buy random groceries at lunch?) On the walk back to my office thought "Well, at least I can pick up my shoes..." and then drove home with my asparagus and buttermilk and cursed at my shoes...still sitting next to my desk. It was one of those days.

My other impressions? Well, I'm thinking now I should have gone by outfit numbers instead of calling them days...Also, at this point, I just want to be done. I feel like I have worn every single article of clothing this week alone, and even though I know it's not true, I just want something different. A plain sweater (it's getting cold!) or my pinstripe pants...just something not these clothes. Although, I do have some fun (to me) outfits planned for the next few days. Here's hoping they turn out!

Don't forget, just a little longer until my giveaway closes, don't forget to enter!