Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Spring!

(photo credit, moi)

Spring has (temporarily) sprung here in Boston! (shush, no talk of the rain and 40 degree weather next week) It makes me want to go outdoors, take long walks on my lunch break, go hiking, sit and read under a get the picture. On my lunch break today, I saw lots of girls in their cute flip flops, open toe shoes, and pretty pedicured feet. Which made me long for my flip flops (and maybe these wedges, yet to move into my closet), but alas, I didn't get my pedicure for the spring yet.

Who would have expected 70 degrees after a monsoon and freezing rain earlier this week (oh...New England Weather). It just means one couch and I have a hot date tonight for an at home pedicure so I can at least wear my flippy floppys (ha) tomorrow while this warmth remains. My color of choice you ask? My favorite bright hot magenta-y pink. OPI's La Paz-itively Hot! (Also the color I wore for my wedding day, what what?)

Enjoy the weather!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Craving Summer

And here comes that time of year...

Not spring, not winter. Yesterday it was a balmy mid-40 temperature here, today...snow. The daffodils are no doubt saying "wtf" to mother nature. I start itching for spring clothes, bright colors, and no more winter anything. I was looking into my closet the other day realizing..."man it's boring in here." I had a distinct lack of color. Granted some of that is due to my spring/summer clothes being packed away, but I did start to think...I need yellows! Orange! Grape-y shades of purple! I tend to load up on blues and greens in the warmer weather, but this year I'm making a vow. I'm buying yellows, and oranges, and even purples...AND WEARING THEM!

So while bored at work, I've been slowly collecting yellows and oranges and purples in polyvore over the span of the past 2 weeks. And behold my springing into summer set. A bit of inspiration for me. Hopefully, some of this will wind up in my wardrobe and brighten up my closet.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The dress so nice they named it twice

New York, New York Dress
(Anthropologie, $168)
Every now and then (okay, almost daily) I take a little trip to a few favorite websites of mine. While looking around Anthro, feeling a little spring in the air, I came across this little number. Love. I'm always looking for fun Spring/Summer dresses, and this one is perfect. I love the water color painted look to the print. The shape is what I do best, and the colors are so fun and feminine and subdued and just waited for me to play them up. This might just have to come home with me...eventually. But for now, I just wait and hope for a sale.