Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bucket list to my 20's

So seeing as how I've been super blogger...oh wait...

So seeing as how I suck at blogging, I decided to share this with all 4 of my followers (hi!). In an attempt to get me blogging more, I figured this would be a fun way to do it.

Back when I turned 28, I felt a sense of impending doom with the big 3-0 coming. Something about 28 made 30 really scary. Now that I'm 29, I'm telling 30 to bring it. (Yeah, you heard me dirty thirty, bring. it. on.) I digress. When I turned 28, I started this list of things I wanted to do BEFORE I turn into a pumpkin and my non-existent children send me to the old folks home.

So here it all it's glory.

Bucket List to my 20's
1. Run a 10k (My friend Betsy, suggested this distance to me about a year ago when I first started to run to change up elliptical boredom, I should probably get on it...I mean, she's running her first marathon this weekend, she knows her stuff!)
2. Go to Paris
3. Find my voice
4. Be my healthiest
5. Buy a house
6. Get organized (!)
7. Start a garden (this comes in conjunction with number 5)
8. Expand Petal & Pink
9. Shop smarter
10. Volunteer
11. Eat more locally
12. Take in more local culture
13. Be less judgemental
14. Learn a language
15. Kayak in the ocean
16. Hike Dan's "advanced" trail
17. Mountain bike
18. Get a puppy!!!!!!! (also in conjunction with number 5 and happens 1 second after it occurs)
19. Learn to knit
20. Learn to drive a standard

I should say, some of these are in progress (being healthiest, eating locally, shopping better, and being less judgemental) and will probably always be a continuous thing in my life from here on out. Other items are superficial and silly, sure, but they are things I've always said I wanted to do, and here it is, years later and nothing. Some items (Paris, house and items that come from the house) will be cutting it close. Unfortunately buying a house and travelling to Paris are both costly, and will be hard to do within a year. But, I've been wanting to go to Paris since 5 year old me found out about Paris and it's fashion. (5yr old me also wanted to be a fashion designer, or study abroad a la Sabrina).

Most importantly, it's been a year, and I've only crossed ONE item off my list. ONE. I need to get crackalackin'.