Sunday, December 5, 2010

Days 25-28. Almost done!

Alright, lets just get straight to it, shall we? I've got a tree to decorate and soup in the crock pot!

Day 25: Gap cardigan, Gap skinny jeans, Mod Cloth scarf, Naughty Monkey Detective boots.
Where: Work.

Day 26: Express lace trim cami, J.Crew Jackie Cardigan, Gap skinny jeans, Steve Madden flats, petal & pink necklace (coming in January to my shop!)
Where: Work.

Day 27: Gap black tee, Gap Skinny jeans (have I mentioned I live in these and own multiple pairs? Can't say enough great things about them!), Naughty Monkey Detective boots (also love love love these), petal & pink necklace and earrings.
Where: Christmas tree shopping, Shopping for holiday decor, dinner out with husband. Overall a nice Saturday!

Day 28: Express lace trim cami, Gap Cardigan, J.Crew Vintage Matchstick Cords, Nine West flats
Where: Laundry and grocery shopping. (I won't lie, I needed to do laundry so I can wear my skinny jeans again.)

Thoughts: Okay, this challenge has been eye opening. Especially when it comes to my warm weather wardrobe, but I'll get into that on day 30. I can say that I am missing the rest of my clothes and getting really tired of these pieces. I also didn't account for the fact that while it was still 60 degrees when the challenge started, it is now only going to be in the 30's this week, and I don't have much that accounts for chilly temperatures.

Just 2 more days, I will make it!


Linda W said...

Two days left?! You did it!
I love that yellowish cardigan!

The Auspicious Life

Jill @ TheLadyBoard said...

Love Day 25!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, fellow remixer. Congrats on making it this far...with all the additional challenges of weather and lighting a fall/winter remix challenge presents!