Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Days 21-24. What I wore.

This isn't original, but this is clever. I wore TWO outfits yesterday! Which means I'm all caught up from my lazy pajama day after Thanksgiving! This is a big deal to me not because I want to shop (although, boy do I!) but because now my challenge will end on Tuesday, and I am free to wear whatever I want the day of my work Holiday party. Which just seems really refreshing.

How did I wear two outfits you may ask? Well, I went to work like I do most other days, and while at work, my husband emailed me asking me out on a date. A date?! Sure thing! Of course, going out in work clothes is not really my thing, so I came home and changed. I figured it was the perfect chance to put on a new outfit for the challenge and catch up. (I'm missing the rest of my closet at this moment, and this is a big deal to be one more outfit closer to reuniting with certain items). So now, I'm on track to finish on time. Huzzah!

So here are my outfits:

Day 21: Target dress and tights, Nordstrom scarf, Nine West flats
Where: Work.
Thoughts: I really wasn't feeling styling my hair that morning. Hence the poodle on my head.

Day 22a: J.Crew Jackie cardigan, Banana Flower embellished top, Express Editor pants, Target shoes, petal and pink necklace (an old favorite)
Where: Work again my friends. I walked to the PO and the shoes were comfy, they always impress me for Target shoes.
Thoughts: I need to cut back on soup at lunch, the sodium is making me puffy.
Day 22b: Same BR top, Gap Cardigan, Gap Skinnies, Naughty Monkey Detective boots, petal and pink necklace
Where: A super sexy date to Office Depot, Starbucks and Barnes and Noble. Starbucks and BN was supposed to be the date, but I was out of mailing envelopes and Office Depot is across the street.
Thoughts: I was so much more comfortable in this outfit than what I wore all day at work. I also drank my weight in water, so that may have helped.

Day 24: Anthro top, Grey Gap Modern Boot pants, Nine West pumps.
Where: work
Thoughts: Why yes, those are my Steve Madden flats in the picture. You see, while I still wear the "death shoes" I have taken to switching in and out of flats to get to/from my office. I left work and realized. Yup. Shoes are still at my desk. I got to my car and realized "ugh. I forgot the asparagus and buttermilk in the fridge, now I have to go back." (What doesn't everyone buy random groceries at lunch?) On the walk back to my office thought "Well, at least I can pick up my shoes..." and then drove home with my asparagus and buttermilk and cursed at my shoes...still sitting next to my desk. It was one of those days.

My other impressions? Well, I'm thinking now I should have gone by outfit numbers instead of calling them days...Also, at this point, I just want to be done. I feel like I have worn every single article of clothing this week alone, and even though I know it's not true, I just want something different. A plain sweater (it's getting cold!) or my pinstripe pants...just something not these clothes. Although, I do have some fun (to me) outfits planned for the next few days. Here's hoping they turn out!

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Linda W said...

I like that first outfit best - the almost all black, but not quite.
The Auspicious Life

Elisabeth said...

I feel you about wanting to be done! I love your day 24 Anthro top. Only a few more days!