Sunday, November 28, 2010

Days 18-20

10 more days left. I think this is the part where I start going a little bit crazy. Or maybe it's the onslaught of all things Holiday for the next month that's coming on...either way, here's what I wore for days 18-20!

Day 18: Top, Cardigan, and Skinnies: Gap. Boots: Steve Madden, socks: Target, Neckalce: Forever 21 (or 29 in my case. *wink wink*)
Where: Thanksgiving dinner (house hopping for the best eats!)
Day 19: J.Crew Jackie Cardigan, Anthro top, Gap skinnies, Steve Madden boots
Where: Running errands
Day 20: Anthro Cardigan, Gap Forever Straight Jeans, Steve Madden Flats
Where: My parents house

Thoughts: First of all, I tweeted on Thanksgiving about wearing my black dress and this cardigan. But, I really wanted to wear those boots. I live in them. But when I put them on, the proportions were all off. So I tossed on this instead. The cardigan was still great when it came to hiding the extra servings of cheese potatoes, rolls, and cake/pie gallore.  Also, I'm now a day behind on the challenge. You see, the day after Thanksgiving...I don't leave my apartment. I have always taken the day after Thanksgiving as a sort of mental health day. The most strenuous thing I did all day was shower and put on clean lazy clothes. And I'll tell you this...It. Was. Glorious. I also REALLY love outift 19. I love the way the boots and teal go together. I also think that I wore this outfit in a way, that made it look new to me (on me?) I don't know. All I know is that my husband asked me if this was a new shirt. 1. I wore it last week. 2. It's over a year old. Either way, I'm taking it as a win for the challenge!

I faux hemmed my pants again today. I will have that how-to for you later on this week. I have currently over 160 pictures to go through. I was a beading machine, and created a ton of new jewelry and photographed the hell out of it. I also have the DIY steps for my earring holder to go through, and the faux hem. My computer and I will be inseperable over the next few days. However, if you follow me on twitter, you've seen a few of the pieces I've created for my etsy, and the final product of my earring holder/display. And if you don't follow me...these are the kind of things you're missing out on. Well, that, and my giveaway. ;)


Ashley said...

You're almost to the end! Yay! You've done so well!

I love your outfit number 20....and you look so cute in glasses! You've inspired me to wear mine in my next outfit post. ;)

Erin said...

Thanks Ashley! I'll be sure to check it out! I love my glasses, I'm *supposed* to wear them all the time, but I don't. Whoops!

Linda W said...

I love the purple color of that cardigan. I also like how you look in glasses. I'm a little jealous - I've always wanted glasses.

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