Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3. Monochromatic

Dress: Target
Ruffle fly-away top: Express (last year)
Belt: Nordstrom
Tights: Gap
Jewelry: White house/Black Market, Petal and pink

Today's outfit is one that I pictured in my head, and was worried may come out a hot mess, but I like how it turned out. Sometimes this happens. 99% of the time it's a disaster. The only disaster in this, is the picture. I was not in the mood to fix lighting and camera settings, and sadly the best picture is this out-take (as you can see, husband pointed out that my buckle on my boot is acting out). Oh well, it happens! I have never claimed to be a model or a fashion blogger. In fact, I'm far from both.

This dress is hands down the best $10 I've ever spent at Target. It's pretty versatile, and lucky for me I'm short, which means it's not nearly as short on me as it is on the model online. I have to say, that the hemline pushes work appropriate-ness, but thanks to tights I feel like hemlines can be a little shorter in the workplace now and it's okay. The v-neck on this is narrow, but somewhat deep. Thankfully I've got small bubbies, and it's not inappropriate or vulgar. Although, the depth of it has caused some fidgeting when I wear it to work. My boss said she liked my outfit today, and being HR and all, if she didn't, I would also know. Length and depth are a-okay this way in the workplace!

I bought this belt during one of Nordstroms big sales back in 2004. I'm surprised that I still have it, and that my 2004 Erin bought it. Style was just something I wanted, but seriously lacked back then. I do need to find out how to adjust this belt though, it's a bit big, slides around, and goes from sitting in the right spot to the "omg no. just no" spot, and in general has caused a constant adjusting of my top to make sure all the pieces stay in place. I thought I could just adjust it (there are holes for it) over the silver part, but apparently not. I have, however, successfully broken it or at least loosened it and have had to fix it a couple times today. (Note: It looks like I have to unscrew to rivet-y thing and adjust that way...I'll have to bust out my tools when I get a chance)

Tonight, I plan on getting my craft on. I want to make something, for an outfit I may wear Friday. I have a reception thing at work with the President, and I need to be President appropriate, but I also want to wear jeans. Accessories will be key in pulling this off.


Anonymous said...

Very chic! I love this neutral look.

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Jenni said...

Isn't that awesome when a piece like that grows with your style so well? It's never the thing you suspect, wither!

Jenni said...

umm ... *either*.

See, I told you it was that kind of day! Haha

MelissaNibbles said...

I really like this combo. The belt is very chic.

Good luck with your accessory project!

Janeen said...

I think it's a great outfit! Very stylin'. I also love the picture. It's more fun than a posed shot.

Betsy said...

Love the monochromatic look!