Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 5. Semi-pro on casual Friday

Jeans: Gap
Blouse: Old Navy (years ago on clearance for $3!)

I had a reception thing I had planned at work today, where the President would be speaking to a small group of people. I work in a casual environment, so business dress is not always appropriate, especially on Fridays. This is what I wore to work today. For the reception, I threw a blazer that I keep at my desk (primarily for when I'm pulled into interviews) to up the ante for the reception.

I learned a few things about this outfit though:
1. My jeans gape a little in the back. Which means I had to retuck my shirt in the back every. single. time. I stood up.
2. My jeans have bled (despite being washed a few times), thus staining the bottom of my shirt a light indigo color.
3. These puffy sleeves show even through the blazer I put on, so things get bunchy and awkward.

I'm a big advocate for every girl (woman? I feel that makes us all sound old...) owning a white blouse. Not a boring "Table for two?" kind of blouse but one that makes a playful wink to the white blouse. My next one won't have so much going on in the sleeves so it's easier to layer though.

Also, these shoes are a total knock-off of these Calvin Klein shoes (which were available in grey)...I loved them last year when I saw them at Macy's, but couldn't justify their cost ($115ish) at a time where I already had 3 pairs of shoes I was buying. (I'm a shoe closet, and under my bed are stuffed with shoes) so I was excited to find these at Target for a fraction of the price.

This weekend I'm hoping to get my craft on. I've got plans for an earring holder (DIY coming with that!) and plenty of jewelry (I never finished the piece I was hoping to wear with today's outfit). Hopefully I can find some down time to do it! I also want to roast a whole chicken, and bake molasses cookies. We'll see how far I get with it all!


Anonymous said...

I like this outfit. I wish I could wear jeans to work. I used to be a show freak until I bought a house!!! Haha. I also have made many earring holders! Crafty!

Linley said...

i like your look! it looks very similar to what i wore today!! (:

Natasha said...

This 30 for 30 challenge is turning into quite the shopping challenge for me...everytime I see someone wearing a white button up shirt I feel the need to go out and buy one!

Ashley said...

What a cute & classic ensemble!

I hate it when my dark jeans bleed...the other day I realized my dark Gap jeans had bled onto my yellow leather purse turning one side a dingy indigo. That made me really sad.

Good luck with your crafting! Have a fun weekend!

Alessandra said...

can't go wrong with a classic white shirt and dark jeans. looks fantastic!

Erin said...

Ashley, that's just what these are! Luckily my suede bag kept it's distance!

Thanks everyone for the feedback!