Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OOTD: Rulebreaker

Last week, I tweeted about how I was living dangerously. I was breaking all the rules, and I didn't care. I was kicking booty and taking names.

My outfit last Friday broke some of the "big" fashion rules. I wore sequins in the daytime (and to work no less!) and I mixed navy and black. And then, as I was dressing I realized I wasn't being risky enough. Oh no, I then took a few more steps past the line that fashion rules have drawn, and wore leopard print flats on top of it all. Oh yes, I went there.

I was feeling good, and dangerous, so I took an outfit of the day picture to share.

It's not over the top sequin, well...maybe. It's hard to see in the picture, but they're bronze-gold colored and actually do make a bit of a sparkle statement, it's also navy fabric, not black as it appears to be here. My accessories are all black, and my leopard flats have black trim and bow.

It's funny, in reality this outfit is just a top, cardigan, skinny jeans and flats. I need to break down outfits that I see in magazines and draw inspiration from just like I did when I got dressed that day. For some reason I look at pictures and I look at the entire look. The whole look from head to toe. I never break it down. I just automatically think "I can't pull that off" or "I wish I could recreate that, but I never could..." Truth be told, I have a really good working wardrobe at the moment. I just need to look at it in individual pieces, not "I wear this top with that skirt and those heels." I can be and should be more adventurous. So in the future, I'm going here. Breaking rules, and not looking back. It really is incredible how much an outfit can change your mood, even when it's just jeans, top and cardigan. It's a simple bit, really.


Katie W... said...

What a great look! I think you're breaking the rule in all the right ways and I need to take a page out of your book (line from your blog?) and break down what inspires me. I'm terrible at dressing myself... That sounds wrong, but I think you know what I mean.


Erin said...

I know what you mean! I seriously don't know why it has taken me this long to realize it!