Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free Nail Polish? Sign me up!

I have a bit of a nail polish obsession. Seriously. It's bad. I'm always painting my nails. I change colors at least 2 times a week. Or reapply just as much. I hate little chips in my polish and end up picking away the second I see a chip, before I know it the floor is covered with picked off chips of nail polish and I need to reapply. My husband accuses me of being addicted to the fumes. I think it's just I look at nail color as an accessory. Always changing to match moods, outfits, seasons.

Last June, I went for a manicure to kick off a weekend of "me" time. I had essentially been stressed out and just in desperate need of a weekend of no schedules, no chores, no responsibility, no nothing. Friday evening commutes can be hell, and I didn't want to start the weekend off frustrated, sitting in traffic so I scheduled an appointment at MiniLuxe on Newbury Street. I got to walk around, enjoy the warm weather, and just decompress knowing that I had not a single thing in need of my attention. The point of this story? It was when I was introduced to Zoya nail polish.

The color I picked was LC. Which was part of their "Gossip" line. It was the perfect red and orange shade for June. I loved the color, but what I loved more, was what I learned about Zoya. It is formaldehyde free, toulene free, and vegan friendly! I don't know what it means, but it sounds good! Anything that's vegan friendly is probably good for you.

I'm sure now you're wondering "What about the free polish!? My nails aren't going to paint themselves!". Fret not. All you need to do is head over to Facebook, and "like" Zoya. (And while you're "liking" things there, be sure to "like" petal & pink!). You will get access to a coupon code, and then just clickety-click-click your way around the Zoya site, put the 3 colors of your choice into your cart, enter the code and voila! Just pay for shipping! ($6.95 for regular delivery. I can't even find 1 nail polish for less than that, let alone 3!).

These were my selections:
Stacy. Anything described as "Vintage Vamp" is a sure win in my book!

Kelly. Perfect grey-purple.

LC. Where it all began.
 A word to the wise though...I had a hell of a time trying to checkout. They kept on sending me back to my shipping info page. Turns out, although there's no little asterisk telling me a phone number is required on the billing page, it won't let you do anything without it. Duh, Erin.


MelissaNibbles said...


Betsy said...

thanks, this is perfect timing, too as one of my goals is to throw away all my old polish. embarrassingly enough, some from high school!

Anonymous said...

Love that Kelly color!!

I got the necklace organizer at The Container Store. It comes in different sizes and is double sided!! I love it...

Erin said...

Melissa and Betsy, I'd love to find out what colors you picked!

MJ, thank you so much, I need to go there soon, I'll add that to my list!

Lauren said...

I just picked up three too. Can't wait to see how they look!