Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY Jewelry Frame

Goodness, I'm sorry this is so late! I made this back in November and never got around to sharing it with you! Here's a jewelry display I made in hopes of better organizing my jewelry. I have a lot and it for a long time just gathered, messily, on my nightstand. The last picture, of the display in action, shows how neatly, my jewelry is currently being stored. Although, I'm already thinking of ways to improve it! I would like to point out that the total cost for all the supplies was under $30. (Click any picture to view larger)

Note: Glazier points are in the framing section of Michaels, or a home improvement store, the correct push tool could also be found here. The perforated sheet metal was in an obsolete corner of Home Depot. The sheet was 17x(something) and I could easily make another with the leftover scrap. Or even 2 smaller ones, of 4 teeny tiny get the point.

Introducing: Help from husband. I could have done this, but I had a shoulder injury at the time. It's not about brawn for this step...(I didn't want you all thinking I had man hands)
Please Note: There's a push tool that you can use (a framing specific tool) but ours is in "storage" at the moment. (By "storage" I mean my grandparents basement. Just like when I say "Laundry" I mean my parents house. Apartment living is so restrictive!)

Voila! The finished product in full use. It's made getting dressed in the morning so much easier since I'm not digging around trying to find an earrings mate!


Living Foxy said...

I'm going to try this! Love your site. I'm a new follower.

come follow me:)

Janeen said...

That is very cool!!

Betsy said...

Great idea!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, I was going to try doing something like this but with mesh instead but this is so much better! Go you!

Young People in Love said...

Wow! That is so brilliant! I've seen a lot of these but this one is BY FAR the most rad. Wanna make me one? :)