Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap

Last night was the kickoff to awards season, the only warmth to my cold winter life. Although, I heard there was also a football game on yesterday, but nobody around here seems to want to talk about it...oh well. If you follow me on twitter, you got my instant reactions, but I figured I would also do a more organized recap here. I watch mostly for the fashion. I like to pretend I'm Joan Rivers without all the bad plastic surgeries and have at it. We'll start with the good and work our way to the ugly.

The Good:

Olivia Wilde. She was the first Red Carpet look I saw and all others were compared to this.

January Jones. After last years Oscar miss, she made a comeback. Red hot.

Anne Hathaway. Not everyone can pull off a long-sleeved evening gown.

The Ugly:

Kelly Osbourne. The only good is her druzzy ring.
Helena Bonham Carter. If it weren't for the shoes.
I actually find the hair and dress to be her, and I give
her loads of credit for staying true to herself. But I think
even Ms.Westwood would gasp at the shoes.

The most over-hyped baby bump:

Natalie Portman. Look guys! An empire waist and draping!
Seriously, why did everyone want to know what she'd do? She's
doing what most just-showing a bump celebs do. I do like the intentional
clashing colors on this dress though.

Other big things causing some chatter...
Bad Hair:

Dear Christian Bale, please shave, shower and cut your hair.
Oh Sandy, can you even see through those heavy, long bangs?
Emma Stone. Washed out and trying to be...
Kate Beckinsale? Jamie Presley? Lindsey Lohan?

Further points of chatter that I don't have pictures for...Angelina Jolie reapplying lip gloss. What kind was it? It looked fab, and inquiring minds NEED to know! Also did Jane Fonda have a nip slip while she was up on stage? It kind seemed like it, but I'm sure as hell not googling that! And lastly Michael Douglas, causing numerous tears by letting us all know he's cancer-free.

Overall, it was a really good night of viewing. I really didn't see too much that were big disappointments fashion-wise, and I do have to say, it was 80 degrees there and a lot of long-sleeved gowns. I wouldn't be surprised if that continues on into the other awards, Anne Hathaway is getting a lot of chat about her gown, Leighton Meester wore one, so did Alexa Chung and Angelina Jolie. Julianne Moore could only support it half-way, but I'd be willing to bet we will be seeing much more of those styles down the line.


Betsy said...

so sad, because I love Sandra's dress but don't even notice it over her messy mop!

Erin said...

I agree, Betsy. It's hard to notice the dress over the bangs.

Amanda said...

I had to agree with most of what you said but I have to disagree about Emma Stone. I think she looked lovely but most definitely looks lovelier with red hair, that is for sure. I just think she is adorable all the time.