Friday, February 25, 2011

Orange you glad?

So apparently there's something about this time of year. I did a similar post last year to what you're about to see. (Just without the Polyvore, as it seems to be in a fight with my computer today).

As a refresher, this time of year leaves me utterly bored with my winter clothes, and I start longing for my Spring and Summer wardrobe. I've been working hard over the past few years to have a real working closet that doesn't require total revamping every time I hit a new year/season.  It's been a lot of investing but it's hitting the point where I feel uniform and I've gotten rid of a lot of cheap quality items. I have seen the ways in the quality vs. quantity debate. Sure, I'll still buy things at Target, Forever 21 and similar stores, however, they're either trends that aren't sticking around, or items that I go through so quickly (white tanks, for example) that paying a lot doesn't make sense.

Last years colors I was craving were yellow and purple with a spattering of greys. This year, I'm feeling orange. I will still fight anyone who says orange is the new pink. Because pink is always the new pink. Specifically, oranges with turquoise and pink accents and paired with crisp bright whites. Doesn't it sound so tropical and sunny? I agree.

Here's what I'm lusting for:

Boldly Brushed Peasant (Anthropologie)

Sleeveless Cowl (Old Navy)
Silk Driving Scarf (J Crew)
(I love orange and navy together!)
Twist Handle Wristlet (Express)
Okay, and while looking up orange goodies, I came across these Tory Burch Reva flats. Seriously? I love! Where were they when I was searching high and low for bright pink ballet flats?! The only ones I could find back then were Lanvin, and I was a bride on a budget at the time. I love these!

What colors are on your radar for Spring/Summer 11? I'm excited to make some more brightly colored jewelry for my Etsy shop and for my own personal collection.

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Betsy said...

whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed!

LOVE that Anthro top.

And I love turquoise/orange together! I have an orange bracelet that would be a good accent to a turquoise top!