Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Nerd Alert.

It may come as no surprise, but I love books. I'm a major book nerd. I love just wandering book stores, looking at the books. The way the covers feel in my hand, the way the pages fan as I flip through it. It's the one kind of store where I can leave empty handed and still feel fulfilled.

My books take on personalities, they change from inanimate to animate objects in my world. I treat them with care and caution as I read each, and if I lend out a book, the borrower will get a speech about how it needs to come back in the same condition. No dogeared pages, pristine cover, and for the love of all things good, DO NOT BREAK THE SPINE! I was married for almost two and a half years before husband and I integrated our bookcases, and even then, it was nerve wracking. Sure I guess it's a sign we've "made it" if I'm willing to let my books hang out with his. He is a little bit more tough on books...he'll remove a dustcover and leave it somewhere (typically the desk) and let things accumulate on top of them. Not this girl.

One genre I do particularly enjoy is Fashion non-fiction. None of that Shopaholic for me. I've enjoyed books from Simon Doonan, Biographies on Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Evelyn Nesbet, etc. I have two books on Isabella Blow on my list to buy next, I love her. So, while I was reading my past issue of Vogue, I was beyond geeked out when I found out that Camilla Morton (of "How to Walk in High Heels" fame) was coming out with a "Fashion Fairy Tale Memoir" series, blending a classic fairy tale with a fashion icons story. Starting with "Sleeping Beauty" as illustrated by none other than Christian Lacroix.

(source and also Camilla's site)
I found this book at a recent trip to my local bookstore, and I got the chance to flip through the book. The illustrations are breathtaking, whimsy and fierce. (That's a Christian Siriano fierce for the record. Not a fire breathing dragon fierce.). The cover, has a sheer dustcover over the book that gives the cover a three dimensional feel and look. It took everything in me to not walk out with this book in my hand. This book will be coming to me when I buy my Isabella Blow books. I can't wait to own this book. I have already been fantasizing about handing all the books in this series (4 tales total according to Vogue) to my future daughter.

Next up in the series? "The Elves and the Shoemaker" with none other than Manolo Blahnik. I die! Which is slated for Fall 2011.


Amanda said...

Oooh I love bookstores too! Manfriend has a Kindle but I just love real books that I can hold in my hands and flip through the pages... I can't believe that we have that in common. ;-)

Amber's Notebook said...

OMG yay! I love adding new books to my must read list!

Josie said...

I admittedly read excessive amounts of chick lit, but I love biographies of the great fashionistas!
xo Josie

Lisa said...

thanks for sharing this. I'm a chick lit junkie coz it's like junk food for my mind. but I do love reading other genres. This is now on my TBR list. btw, I just checked out your Etsy store and all I can say is WOW! You're super talented.

MelissaNibbles said...

I love books! I'm not into chick lit, but love female authors. I recently read Her Last Death. A story about a mother and daughters f'd up relationship. It was really good.