Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammys Red Carpet Recap

So, lets talk Grammy's.

Typically, the Grammy awards are when people get to be a little more artistic and daring in their choice of gown. They can make big statements, have drama and have fun with it.

Last night's awards show had the fashion but it was mild and left me expecting (wanting) more. There were a few looks that I really did enjoy, so lets take a look, shall we?

Hands down the best dressed goes to:

Cee Lo. Flamboyant feathers, chest plate, and chain maille head piece FTW!

Just kidding. He looked like what would happen if Elton John and Big Bird produced La Cage. (For the record, I'm a big fan of all three, just not really this look). Also, I didn't get the muppets...or Gwenyth.

Lea Michelle is actually my best dressed pick. Her Emilio Pucci gown is gorgeous. Of course, as of late, I'm a big fan of anything lace and ruffled.

Next is J.Lo. I may be one of the few but her head-to-toe Pucci look was perfect for her. I liked the Chevron detailing in the metallic, and the love love.

Diana Aragon in Vivienne Westwood. Another big hit in my book. These Glee girls are bringin' it. You can't quite see it, but her earrings were really structural looking, and kind of pointed dagger looking. Loved.

The not so pretty?
Miley Cyrus. Her Roberto Cavali was just too...something. People keep talking about how she's gained weight, but whatever, she's still such a cutie in my book. My issues, dress aside, is the accessories. Coco Chanel once said "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." Take note, Miley. Take note. Still love you. Just take note.

And this. My friends know I have the trifecta of John's on my "list" (you know the kind of list I'm talking about). It has John Cusack, Johnny Depp and John Mayer. I was so confused when I saw this at the Grammys.

Meet Johnny Mayer. Holy confusion. I did a double and triple take before I fully registered him as John Mayer. Wowzah, be still my heart. John Cusack, you're next. Then you'll form one "super John" and I'll have a few new openings on that list.

The performances were decent, although I felt Lady Gaga's performance last year was better (mostly in part for the Elton John bit). And if you follow me on twitter, you'll have seen this already, but it's great that my smaller bands that I enjoy are going to become household names overnight (Muse, Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire) and while that's exciting and they rocked it (Even if Arcade Fire was trying to bring out seizures from everyone) and I'm glad their getting their kudos.

What say you all?


Betsy said...

I agree with your female best dressed! I love them. I also loved Selena Gomez and Jewel. And Katy Perry's grandmothers cane.

Erin said...

Selena Gomez and Jewel, and Granny's cane almost got put in, but it was getting long. Katy Perry also was not looking good. But her accessories (granny and Russell) brought on the cute.

Jessica Jenkins said...

I agree with your best dressed picks, love those Glee girls. I felt like the show itself was a mixture of people being ridiculous and taking themselves too seriously (Gaga) or people being ridiculous and not taking themselves seriously at all (Ceelo Green). I think I actually preferred the latter!

Josie said...

I thought Selena Gomez looked lovely -- but, oh, Miley. Kill me.
xo Josie