Monday, January 16, 2012

Red Carpet Recap: Golden Globes

Last night was the 69th annual Golden Globe awards, and once again I was barely aware of the shows/movies nominated, but highly aware of the fashions. So lets just jump right in to the hits, misses and trends.

Berenice Bejo, Clare Danes, Salma Hayek
Berenice Bejo? Who? That's exactly what I said when I saw her name pop up. She's in "The Artist", and this blue dress is gorgeous. There's really gorgeous knife pleating on this dress, that you cannot really grasp in the picture. The way the dress moved, perfection. Clare Danes, the dress flattered, but the detailing on the back was the real stunner. Salma Hayek's Gucci number was beautiful, and lets admit it, I'm a sucker for sparkle.

Honorable Mentions:
Emma Stone, Diana Aragon
Emma Stone's burgundy and fuchsia panel dress was unique and certainly flattering for her figure. She seemed most excited for the eagle on the belt...a great standout piece. Diana Aragon's dress was falling flat from the looks of the twitter-verse last night, but I loved the laser cut details, and again this was a dress that moved gorgeously. I think this red number is just like that hot red number January Jones wore last year. You either hated it, or loved it. There was no in between.


Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Mila Kunis
Angelina Jolie's attempt at punching up a washed out color was reminiscent of last year's pregnant Natalie Portman dress with the red floral detail. Meryl Streep looks like she forgot that she was not only attending the awards show, but also nominated and cut her trip to the Grand Ole Opry short. Mila Kunis...well she wasn't going to top last year so she set the bar low. I expect a comeback.

Juliane Moore, Sarah Michelle Gellar
Julianne Moore looked like she took an 80's prom dress and threw it over a gown. Peplum and Mermaid tail styles should never go together. SMG's look from head to toe was a disaster. Well, maybe not all the way to toe, but even the most rockin' shoes couldn't save this dress. I thought it was tie-dyed. It's worse. It's what happens when you drip dye into water and swirl it around.


Nude, Nude, Nude

Julie Bowen, Amy Poehler, Heidi Klum

Sarah Hyland, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel
There was a whole lot of nude dresses going on. If it wasn't a nude dress, it was a nude face/hair look (Reese Witherspoon let her natural beauty show, it made up for her less than flattering red dress).

Even though there was a sea of nudes, and black and grey, if people were going for a color, they went big.
Missi Pyle, Maria Menunos, Paula Patton, Mireille Enos
Also not pictured was Emily Blunts gorgeous yellow gown.  Not only were these ladies bold in the yellow, they happened to perfectly match the floral centerpieces at the tables. I give all of them credit--being photographed in a yellow dress on the red carpet is a bit McDonald-y.

Did you watch the Red Carpet? What were your thoughts? To see some last year's recap, clickity-click yo'self here.


Amanda said...

I feel like the whole "nude" thing has been overplayed. I get it, neutral and then a pop of color. I really am more all about the really funky and fashion forward stuff than the gals who play it safe. I guess where we agree to disagree this year? Is Diana Agron. Fair enough.

Josie said...

I loved all of the pretty blush and nude shades!
xo Josie

Kimberlee said...

I thought Julianne Moore and Mila Kunis looked great! It was great to see more color on the runway :)