Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 12 in 12

I know I'm a little tardy for the party, but I was having a nice little 2 week break from work, and since I was placed in an Air Cast boot to heal a serious sprain in my ankle, I was forced to take it easy. The horror! I'm back at work now, and it's...chaotic. Nothing like jumping right back into it!

2011 was a good year for me. I made a new friend (and she will totally catch a reference in the above paragraph), worked on growing petal & pink, joined IFB, was smarter with my shopping, ate better, and overall improved just about all aspects of my life. I also turned 30. When I was 25-26, 30 seemed so scary to me, I dare even say I thought it was old. As I turned 29, I had a more "bring it on attitude", and now that it's here, I'm bringing it. I'm excited at all the things I have planned, and hope to grow and take in so much more than that.

I'm not one for resolutions. So, instead of making those, I'm making a list of things I'm looking forward to, and even sharing here on this blog. I'm calling it "12 in 12", because I like to give things corn-ball titles. So here goes:

12. Run an uninjured 5k (see air cast mention above).
11. Take in more outdoor activity. 2011 was marred by a rained out camping trip, too few hikes, and even less bike rides.
10. Expand petal & pink. Big plans you guys, stay tuned!
9. Take a photography class. To be honest, I use my camera so much on jewelry pictures, I haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do. I will learn more!
8. Build quality into my wardrobe. I have a good functioning closet now. It's time to up the ante and start investing! (I'm looking at you, coveted MBMJ bag)
7. Start a garden. Okay, so this will probably be husband's doing, but I will contribute by picking veggies.
6. Get 100 more Etsy sales. I hit 100 sales this holiday season* and now I want to bust my booty to carry on the momentum!
5. Celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary with a grilled dinner at our house.
4. Buy a house. (Which is why a lovely grilled by husband dinner would be amazing. We miss charcoal grilling.)
3. Get a dog!
2. Visit Paris (and London, too).
1. Be more open to where this year will take me! I've got such big plans in 2012, I don't want to over look the smaller things, those can turn into the big memories of life.

*to celebrate my 100 sales, I'm running a 10% off promo in my Etsy shop. Enter "Happy12" at checkout! Ends January 10th.

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Amandaaaah said...

You DID shout out to me and reference a lady of Atlanta! You were def one of my PLUSes +++ of 2011 too!