Monday, October 31, 2011

Versace for H&M

Designer collaborations are everywhere. It's a great way for designers to introduce themselves to markets that may be unfamiliar to them. After the Missoni for Target debacle, I'm weary. (Although I still managed to land both my flats, and the heels at a later date at my local Target!)

Versace for H&M was much talked about, and that it's available online (way earlier than expected, I should add). I'm not loving it. Donatella is innovative. These pieces just don't call to me. Let's look.










I like the colors in the bustier top, but not at that price...and I'm not much for bustiers. Had it been a tank, or even a floaty top, I'd probably be mildly interested. Instead, I'll be sitting this collab out. This is just a small touch of what's available. To check out all the flops, head on over to the H&M site.

What's your take on collaborations?

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Pretty Affair said...

looks like an adorable collection ;-)