Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shoe Imposter: Miu Miu Glitter Bootie

One of the big pairs of shoes making its rounds are the Miu Miu glitter bootie. Lets take a peek.
Miu Miu $890
While these shoes won't work with my wardrobe, I have to say, there's something sexy about the curve of the heel. We also all know how much I love all things sparkle. These shoes are kitschy and scream high fashion and have the price to go with it. If Sex and the City were still on the air, I'd imagine Carrie Bradshaw would rock the hell out of these shoes. And really, if anything, this shoe is awesome shoe porn.

I then came across these on Endless. (Which I then found on sale on the Steve Madden website...ladies let this be a lesson, always shop around on the interwebs!)

Steve Madden Hastt $100
These...well, they're still not working in my wardrobe, and scream a bit Gaga meets Elvis meets Go-go dancer, are close to the Miu Miu's. They are T-strap, not cross strap, beige not a pinky coral shade, and have a major platform. Far less sexy, and not at all what I'd consider shoe porn but if you were drooling for the Miu Miu's on a smaller budget, these bad daddies are for you.

Lets close out on one last look at those Miu Miu's, shall we?


blondehaus said...

I am so obsessed with these! I want them so bad. So glad we could connect on ifb! Great blog.

Josie said...

Goodness knows I couldn't pull off either pair -- but I do love a bit of sparkle in my life!
xo Josie

Andrea Grace said...

Wow! these shoes are awesome!

Robyn said...

I think you are right about the curve of the heel on the Miu Miu ones. It is sexy. I think that is what the Steve maddens are missing, even if they are cheaper and would fit better into my wardrobe color-wise.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

oh i LOVEEE these!

<3 steffy