Friday, October 14, 2011

Dress this way

I've said it a few times here, I've said it a lot of times on twitter, and so much more to my friends and family.

I love Steven Tyler. Love. Love. Love. Love may even be an understatement. My husband knows and accepts that the other man in our marriage is Steven. He may have nixed naming any future son we have Steven Tyler, but that's about all he can control. He may not understand it, but he accepts it.

You could only imagine my excitement when I heard that Steven Tyler was teaming up with Andrew Hilfiger (Yes, Tommy's brother) to create an Impulse for Macy's clothing line, Andrew Charles. (Just recently Karl Lagerfeld had an Impulse line with them as well.)

This joint venture meant one thing. I could dress like Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler could dress me. This is exciting!

A lot has already sold out online, and I'm praying that my Macy's is one of the 100 stores carrying the line. For those of you in the NYC area, Steven will be posing with his daughters Chelsea and Mia in the window of the Herald Square store so check it out. (I will ask you to take pictures, I won't ask you to lick the glass for me.)

Here are 2 of my picks based solely on what I've seen online.


The prices are reasonable, but the material is polyester, so prepare to get warm if you're rocking these at an Aerosmith concert. (Aside: Please come back to Boston soon!).

If you're interested, WWD has a fun little interview with my man Steven and it's certainly worth the read.

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Amanda said...

I like the second one best and SCORE, it's the less expensive of the two!