Friday, June 3, 2011

And then it was June!

Where has time gone!? All of a sudden I was freezing cold and wearing sweaters, and then the next day I was bringing out the sandals and summer dresses. (Quite literally actually. One day it was 50 here, the next day near 80!)

I've been rather busy with stuff I'm sure would just bore you. But I figured I'd keep you apprised of some things going on.

Recent purchases I've mentioned I've had my thrifty little mind on:

1, 2, 3
I was searching for a few Spring/Summer specific items, these are my acquisitions from those specific posts. First up, the Seychelles Joan shoe. These were marked down on DSW (no longer though for some reason) to $50. I jumped at the chance, but only if I could find a pair of black shoes for summer. Turns out I didn't have to go much further than the Seychelles page on the DSW site, because I found these. I love them! (If you're looking for a cheaper option, try these ones from Target). So, the reason for buying the two pair from DSW was they were having a buy 2 pairs, get 20% off. Bringing my total from $109.88 (reasonable for 2 pairs of shoes, in my opinion) to $87.90. But then, I also had some rewards coupons to use (to the tune of $25) so my total was then brought down to $62.90. I am a rewards member, so I get free shipping, so I got two pairs for essentially the cost of one pair (the Gypsy Sandals were $59.94). You can't go wrong with that! (I may be a shoe whore, but I'm a smart shopper). I also purchased through ebates while DSW was at 8% cash back, so I've got that coming my way in my next check from them, too.

Lastly, my orange is not the new pink, but I'm loving it anyway purchase. The Boldly Brushed Peasant top from Anthropologie. I waited and waited and waited some more for this to go on sale, and had figured that after all that waiting, by the time a sale hits my size would be sold out. Well, I was wrong. For a change, an Anthropologie item I was coveting went on sale and I was able buy it.

In the world of petal & pink, I'm hosting a giveaway over at Violet Sage, so head on over there for your chance to win a pair of these. They happen to be a personal favorite of mine and I wear them at least once a week! Your odds right now are looking pretty favorable!

This post is kind of all over the place, but as things slow down, I'll be able to keep things brief in each post and get to the things you want. I've got a few DIY's up my sleeve, so watch out!

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