Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flip flop bracelets

I was just browsing Anthropologie when I came across this on their site:

Eternal Youth Bracelets
Which, reminded me of these that I bought for my cousins this past Christmas from the Paper-Source:

Flip Flop Bracelets
I don't know about you, but I'm saying they're the same thing. I loved the fun colors of these, and you've got to love that they're made of recycled flip flop materials (I live in flip flops when the weather warms up). There's a rather big difference in price. Anthropologie's set of 18 retails for $48 and on Paper-Source's site you can get 20 for $19! If you have a store near you, I believe they retail for $1-$2. Definitely check them out. I've got a few for myself and I love them. (Not to mention, if you always wear hair elastics on your wrist, these hide them so well!)

This concludes my little thrifty PSA.


Ashley said...

oh wow! They look identical! & so cute!! Anthro is good at bumping up those prices!

Di said...

I really like those! I may have to head over to the Paper Source (when, you ask? I have NO IDEA) and pick some up. :) Thanks!

Lisa said...

They are super cute. Nice find! btw, I just blogged about your etsy shop, come check it out =)

Anonymous said...

I also saw these at Baubles in Darien CT really cute and were shown under these pictures of women from Mali....Beautiful colors and in case anyone is interested in them being mailed they do that too as I wanted some sent to a friend in CA and was leaving that day for the Cape.
Great posting. I think they were about $2.00