Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why hello there!

What have we here? A sad and lonely, extremely neglected blog? Yes, I thought it was familiar. Last post was welcoming Spring, and here we are now...July 1.

I've been doing a whole lot of workin', and workin' out. I've been looking at beads, but not doing much with them. I did, however, make my cousin a gorgeous prom necklace:

And it got me thinking. Really long and hard thinking. The kind of thinking where I just have words and thoughts running through my head and I get reeeal quiet. That kind of thinking. Dan would catch me deep in thought while he was talking. No, husband, I was not thinking deeply about the Pawn Stars episode we just watched, sorry. But I've essentially come to a conclusion...

This applies to much I have had going on in my life. Writing is what calls to me. You have no idea how many little thoughts I've had where I was then followed with "I should write about that" and not just for this little bloggity-blog...but in all areas. I have a writing degree, I've always been a writer...ever since I could write...and before then, I drew out my stories and thoughts (you should see my "stories" from when I was 4 in which our heroine, yours truly, goes to get jelly beans with her Finny...if you know my Nana, she'll proudly show them.) So, here I am....writing.
Much like what I like to do with my jewelry, my writing (and thus, the direction of this blog) will be everywhere. Fashion? Yup! Food? Oh you betcha! Etsy and jewelry? Oh yes! Trashy Real Housewives gossip? omg. gimme! Random thoughts and stream of conscious flow? Yes, and I apologize in advance.
Also, along with the cutting of the crap, my etsy will be undergoing similar reconstructive procedures again. But don't worry, it's still going to be way more pretty than Joan Rivers. (Oh...she's not pretty, her reconstructions have kind of gone bad, haven't they?) well I guess gettin' pretty will be easy then! Huzzah!
In conclusion, I've always had my voice, but now I'm going to vocalize it. If for no other reason than to make sure Dan doesn't think that I'm really that interested in what Chumlee does when he's allowed to ride a tiny vintage motorbike.

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MelissaNibbles said...

Is your blog going to be like Melissa Rivers then?

Yay! I enjoy all the things you mentioned and regret labeling my blog as a health and fitness blog because there's so much more to me you know? Now I just write whatever. If I feel like talking about the Indonesian kid smoking two packs a day or the sad state of Lindsay Lohan, so be it right? I'm excited to read what you have planned.