Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More nerd-ery

I've recently adopted!

It's a word!

A what? A word?

Yes, a word. I was recently told about Save the Words where you can go and adopt a word in an attempt to keep it from vanishing from our vernacular.

The concept is simple. You adopt a word and try to use it and save it from extinction. In times where "text talk" is more and more common, proper grammar and eloquence is fading fast. Move the little box around on the screen and click "adopt-a-word". You can select at random or search for one. I chose my little word at random.

The result: weequashing.

And then I searched again, because I feel if I'm going to be using this word, it should be one that I can easily use, and frequently. And really, the art of spearing fish or eels from a canoe by torchlight doesn't really come into my conversations...well...ever.

So, my second word (sorry cute little wee-word, you are fun to say!) is "vappous".  So there it is. The definition is flat, bland. Kind of like how my little bloggity blog has been lately. Sorry guys. I swear I still have some DIY's up my sleeve, and I will have them soon. They're summer fun ones, so obviously, you'll need them. What fun would they be when it's snowing out? Who wants to think of (spoiler alert!) tank tops when you're freezing?

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Anonymous said...

Save the Words sounds awesome, and perfect for a nerd like me! ;) Thanks for the link!