Monday, December 5, 2011

Gifts under $25

It's that time of year again! Was it just me, or did 2011 fly by? I'm often told that I'm hard to shop for, and while I wouldn't say this is my Holiday wish list, I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if I found any of these under my tree Christmas morning:Gifts under $25

LULU wrap scarve, $18
Bare Escentuals?? 'Big, Bright & Bold Eyes' Collection (Online..., $19
Set of 6 Travel Plates | Crate&Barrel, $25
Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candle, $25
With A Twist Teacup, $12
Semi-Opaque Taper, $24
"I Love Bacon" in Gifts Under $25 | Crate&Barrel, $20 Belkin 3-Pack TuneTie for iPod/MP3 Player Earbuds (Green,..., $9.95
F. Scott Fitzgerald : CB-SMITH BOOKS
Clothbound Series 1 : CB-SMITH BOOKS

I have to say, the Coralie Bickford Smith books are gorgeous and a great gift for anyone who is into books, decor or fashion. They will certainly add punch to any bookcase, or end table. The F.Scott Fitzgerald series just screams Fitzgerald-flapper chic, and anyone who loves The Great Gatsby, could appreciate this collection. 

Anthropologie is another great store for unique holiday gifts for the hard-to-shop for. I often buy Yankee Swap (aka White Elephant, depending on where you're from) gifts from Anthro because I know they'll be useful and not a typical run of the mill swap gift. One of those mugs, a box of tea, and you're in under $20!

The Belkin Tune-tie for iPod, would make a great stocking stuffer, $10 for a set of 3, you could easily break it up and distribute as needed. I know I for one am constantly fighting and un-knotting my earbuds.

Do you have a go-to store for gifts? I'd love to hear!


Betsy said...

I have those C&B travel plates and they are a great gift and so much fun! They remind you of the places you've been or the places you want to go!

Amanda said...

Oooh now I kind of want to do the same for me haha!