Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I shouldn't be left to my own devices

I've been searching for a pink case for my phone for quite some time now. Turns out, a hard case in the right shade of pink is hard to find. The other day I was walking around Michael's, I happened to pass by the acrylic paints and thought "I should just paint my case I have now!" (it was a translucent purple color). So I did. This color (Pink Peony) was named perfectly to my liking, and was the vision of pink I had in my head.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by doing a step-by-step DIY, but essentially, I scuffed up the plastic with sandpaper, painted many many coats of the pink acrylic paint (letting it dry between each coat) and then covered it with gloss-finish Modge Podge (my crafty lover). Now, since doing this, and perhaps because I busted out the Modge Podge, I was thinking you could always stick a picture/stickers/perhaps even some lace, in between the last paint coat (applying while still tacky) and the Modge Podge. A bit of a decoupage, if you will. (I may have spent an entire summer doing this with magazines and small cardboard pencil boxes from my then employer, gifting them to friends before we all took off to college).

I did this while my husband was out, and when he came home he seemed a bit scared of my doings...however, I have to say, it's been 4 days now, and it hasn't chipped at all. I also haven't dropped it yet, so things may change if when that happens.


Jordan said...

Very nice! Things usually turn out better (& more to your liking) if you do it yourself, anyway! Because, only you know exactly what you want :) It beautiful! Great job! <3


Anonymous said...

Well, there's one way to go about it... LOL! I like the color, it's very cheerful. And it looks like you did a great job - enjoy your personalized phone! ;)

Katie W... said...

Love this! It's really hard to find the perfect phone case, so I'll probably follow in your footsteps when I'm tired of the one I have :)

Di said...

It was still looking good on Friday! :)

aki! said...

Oh~ That definitely looks nice.

I wouldn't be brave enough to do that to my blackberry.