Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trend I'm Loving: Color Block style

I am loveloveloving the color block trend. I feel like I've been carrying on a romantic fling with color blocking for a few years now, and I think it's because it's clean lines and classic styling make it less of a trend and more of just a bold statement. I love punches of color, and color blocking just feeds into that.

While swooning over some color blocked clothing I thought "I should really make color block jewelry, it's so me!" Then I realized..."duh, Erin, you already are." These earrings are fun and an easy way to get into the trend. You can wear them subtly with just a white top and jeans (let the earrings make the statement) or go crazy, and add them onto a color blocked outfit (which I fully plan to do!).

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Just so you know, this weekend I will be offering free shipping with the code "FreeShip". I hope you take advantage of it!


Simply Smitten said...

Love the earrings, especially the blue/green ones. Free shipping is always a great sale, hope you sell tons! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice earrings, I like the blue/green ones, too! Blue and green are two of my favorite colors. :) Good luck with the free shipping sale!

Jordan said...

Gorgeous earrings!! I, personally, love them all!!
These are my favorite earrings in your shop! :D

featherfactor said...

Such pretty earrings - and that is a good point, I totally was seeing colorblocking in jewelry before in clothing! You are very talented!

Amanda said...

Ooooh yes I love color blocking these days... I am expecially digging the orange/teal/ purple jobbies out there right now! WORD.